Mss32.dll kotor

Problem: Mss32.dll problems occur when the Miles Sound System is incorrectly configured or critical Miles Sound System files are missing. These problems happen when a PC is not maintained properly and should be fixed immediately to avoid further damage.

Solution: To repair Mss32.dll errors correctly, download and install the repair tool below. This tool was created to find and fix errors on your computer and ensure your system is running flawlessly.

Download Mss32.dll Repair Tool
Compatible: Windows 7 (32/64), Vista, XP, 2000 & 98

Notice!!!: The risk from not repairing this problem now could include; system crashes, blue screens, and hardware failure. To ensure your PC is working correctly, please follow the repair instructions below.

Easy Instructions to fix ” Mss32.dll “

(1) Download the repair tool

(2) Install and open the tool

(3) Scan & repair the found errors.

The interesting thing about the Mss32.dll kotor error is that even though it is a pretty common computer problem, there is relatively little on the internet that addresses the problem. This is going to even out the odds.

Mss32.dll kotor screenshot

Users of Microsoft Vista operating systems are the ones most in dire need of a kotor fix for their computers. This will be a gold mine for them, and hopefully, it would be enough to keep them satisfied.

Note that what you are going to be taught should be done using the computer’s administrator account. There will be a need for several permissions, and an ordinary user would be unable to go through with this. If you do not want to have problems, then you must follow the process step by step in the order shown below..  Ready? A little nervous? Good!

First step

The first thing you need to do is to update your system’s DirectX. If you do not have DirectX installed, now would be a good time to download it and install it on your system. You are advised to install the DirectX redistributable software. This is the most complete form of Dx, and you are less likely to have any hardware/software conflict from the redistributable package. Ensure that you use a fresh link for the download of the file and ensure that you are downloading the latest version. Although your computer might promise you backward compatibility with DX, it has been found that some minor issues may arise if you use a lesser version. So, get the latest for your Vista. When you have downloaded the file, store it temporarily and then run the .exe file to install DirectX on the PC. When done, you can cleanly delete the folder and its contents.

Second Step

You are almost close to getting your Mss32.dll kotor file right. Now, the troublesome game should be installed again, using detailed instructions. However, there is a little twist here. Instead of replacing the Mss32.dll kotor, delay this process and also do not make a game shortcut just yet. Instead patch the video game. When patching the computer game, this is the point where you replace the game’s swkotor file with the newer version you updated using SecuROM.

Step three:

Once you are done with that last, you can go right ahead to patch the game. However, a note of warning, note that patching is not necessary if you have a “BEST OF PC” version of KOTOR. In fact, it should not be done if you have a “BEST OF PC” version of kotor. Remember that there will be two patches. Install the right patch at the right time. If you interchange them, you would have totally sabotaged the whole game installation process. Therefore, be careful what patch you use and where.

Fourth Process:

Go to the Game folder and fiddle with the “Read Only” properties. Remove all the read on properties for every single item in the game folder. In some cases, Windows may yet tell you that the folder is still read-only. However, if you did this as outlined, the folder should no longer be read-only.

After this step has been concluded, you can then put the shortcut to the game on your desktop. If you have a multi core central processing unit, you will need to set this to single core so that your computer does not crash when you are playing the game. If you have done this as prescribed, then you should be able to correct the Mss32.dll kotor and go on along with your game.


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